In the late 1900’s and into the 21st Century, the ‘buzzwords’ in the travel industry were all about ‘Corporate Social Responsibility in Travel’.  And most every tour operator, DMC, travel agent, airline, and hotel, scrambled to update their websites to become en vogue and (supposedly) responsible.

We applaud our travel partners who went on to socially support emerging destinations with schooling, fresh water, clothing, shoes, housing, education and much more. Protection of wildlife endangered species because very popular and remains so today. Carbon emissions and the theory of individual carbon footprints were introduced and became the talk of the town. The list goes on.

At Vuitton Travel & Luxury Lifestyle, we also pay detailed attention to Corporate Social Responsibility in Travel. But ours is a different angle.

When you travel with us, or when we travel together, we utilize only the finest, most exquisite services. We stay in perfect hotels, eat at perfect restaurants, shop at perfect stores, sip perfect cocktails, enjoy perfect performances, and sleep in perfect bedding.

All that, while a growing segment of our community sleep in squalor conditions, homeless, on the streets.

Homeless LGBT youth is becoming an out of control situation in our community. In an article perfectly penned by authors by Elisabeth Lubotsky, Ian Tapu, and Frank Zopp, they address this growing crisis head on.

Gay Homeless Youth and their Lives on the Streets of New York City


“Much of the recent discussion concerning the gay community is relegated to the topic of gay marriage. Being a complex issue on itself it becomes rather easy to ignore other growing issues related to this minority. One of the increasingly important ones is occurring right on the streets of America’s metropolises like New York City. In the 1990s, the leading cause of homelessness was the use of crack cocaine. Today, however, is a different story, especially for the youth. The causes for homeless youth are no longer just drugs or alcohol, but it is their sexuality. As the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) culture and people melt into the fabric of mainstream society through TV shows such as Will and Grace or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, this has influenced people to come out earlier and earlier, at an average age of now 15. This is a striking difference compared to a decade ago when people were embracing their sexuality only in college or once they had established their careers and had a firm support system. These days, however distressingly, 26 percent of those who come out before the age of 18 are kicked out of their home and end up in the streets, as the Report of the Secretary’s Task Force on Youth Suicide revealed. A lot of times they are abandoned because of religious reasons, since in the eyes of many religious devotees being ‘queer’ is clearly a non-acceptable question of choice (Ramafedi 1987). Such data points to the existence of greater and urgent problems for policy makers and governmental officials concerning the gay homeless youth. By looking at existing services today, or better the lack thereof, and by taking the time to actually listen to the stories of just a few of these involuntary street kids it becomes obvious quickly that there is a strong need for awareness and community collaboration surrounding the issue of gay homelessness, in New York City and across the United States.”

We encourage you to Click Here and read the remainder of this article. You’ll read individual stories of our youth who tragically face further abuse in limited shelters forcing them to turn to the streets, drugs, and very quickly, prostitution. Trading sex for shelter is no way for our youth to live for with that comes the assurance of sexually transmitted diseases for these kids. And the cycle continues as the rest of the word passes by.

While our travel partners focus on protecting causes beyond our borders, we cannot any longer avoid the humanitarian crisis issues here on our own shores, particularly our own LGBT youth. A staggering 40% of all homeless youth are LGBT. We find that unacceptable.

Vuitton Travel & Luxury Lifestyle has set up its own foundation to allocate a generous portion of our annual net profit to causes who assist the upliftment of our youth. We believe that our community too should become aware of the plight of homeless LGBT youth and our travel documents include a short story to create awareness which in turn, may encourage those more fortunate to consider making a difference in their own way.

So, when you travel with Vuitton Travel & Luxury Lifestyle, and you get into a comfortable luxurious bed at some exotic global locale, pay thought to the plight of the homeless LGBT youth, and rest comfortably in the knowledge that by only a few degrees of separation, you have helped someone along in life and for that, you ought to feel enormously fulfilled.

On behalf of our youth who have only a few options to which to turn, we thank you for your patronage.