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ALEXANDRIA – the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”

Seaside glamour on the Egyptian Riviera

Introducing the epitome of luxury in Alexandria: the Four Seasons Alexandria. Nestled along the shores of Egypt’s second-largest city, this exclusive haven sets a new standard of opulence, crowned with four diamonds by Middle East Travel & Tourism.

Radiating an ambiance of coastal sophistication, the Four Seasons Alexandria captivates with its palette of powdery pastels, evoking both the serenity of the seaside and the refinement of a world-class luxury retreat. Each spacious room exudes extravagance, offering a sanctuary of plush comfort and indulgence.

Dining at the Four Seasons Alexandria is a culinary journey through elegance, where every meal is a masterpiece of taste and presentation. While the options may be slightly fewer in number compared to other hotels, each dining experience is an exquisite affair, curated to tantalize the senses.

A highlight of this magnificent property is its exclusive collection of beachfront villas, a sanctuary of luxury reserved for the discerning traveler. Available only during the summer months, these lavish retreats offer unparalleled privacy and serenity.

In sum, the Four Seasons Alexandria stands as a beacon of luxury in Alexandria, offering an unrivaled experience of refined elegance and coastal splendor.

Vuitton Travel – NYC and EGYPT Tourism USA would be delighted to curate a perfect Egyptian journey for you.

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