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Vuitton Travel & Luxury Lifestyle is the culmination of some of the sharpest minds in the travel industry today, boasting over four decades of front line travel experience. In an ever-evolving industry where the one thing you can rely on is change, nothing functions quite as efficiently as the creative mind of a travel designer. And that’s exactly what you want when planning a journey. Someone who understands you. Of course, computers can spew out answers in a short space of time, but can they comprehend your every desire?

We believe that the essence of a good travel designer is not one who knows everything. Rather, an excellent travel designer is one who knows where to find everything, and who has forged personal global contacts over many years.

With that said, with Vuitton Travel & Luxury Lifestyle, you're in very capable hands.



At Vuitton Travel & Luxury Lifestyle, our mission is to create a positive impact through travel. For over four decades, we’ve accomplished our goal by partnering with industry leaders and like-minded organizations, while focusing on low-impact sustainable experiences which are locally operated and culturally insightful. But most importantly, we know our community like the back of our hand for after all, we’re a part of that same community.  

Our Team & Service


 We believe that it is important to create a team from all sectors of the travel community. From the top down, our travel designers have worked for Thomas Cook Travel, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, American Express Travel & Foreign Exchange Services, and in the private sector.

Well-traveled, each travel designer in our international team is knowledgeable on all continents. Together with our travel industry partners in destinations around the world we know what to do and see, and most importantly in keeping with our brand which very name spells luxury, where to stay.

By the time we're ready to send you on your journey of a lifetime, we'll know all about you, from your preferred brand of champagne to what you prefer as a night cap before retiring.

With that knowledge, we’ll make sure that your journey is simply perfect.  

Our Journeys


Our scheduled organized tours span the globe and are designed to reflect our guests’ broad spectrum of interests. We travel on land, aboard small ships, along classic train routes, and in the comfort of private jets, offering special common interest journeys for those who consider themselves travelers and not tourists.

When you travel with us on a tour, you'll enjoy boundless opportunities to be surrounded by natural wonders and exotic wildlife, to explore celebrated archaeological sites, to learn about different cultures and share in local traditions. An expert or expert team accompanies most expeditions, sharing their knowledge and passion for a region and making each scheduled organized tour enriching and unforgettable.

Most importantly, we pay attention to every detail.  

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