7 Travel Documents You Should Make Virtual Copies Of

Proving your identity is an essential part of traveling, whether you’re checking in at a hotel or navigating through airport security. Misplacing an important travel document can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’ve already left home or, even worse, are stranded in another country. Thankfully, there are steps you can take beforehand to mitigate that stress. Here are seven travel documents you should make virtual copies of before your next trip.


Your passport is the most essential document for international travel. Losing it can leave you stranded until you can get a replacement. While virtual copies won’t help you pass border control, having a scanned copy will expedite the process of getting a new one. Keep an image stored on your phone, in the cloud, or on a USB drive. If you lose your passport, bring that copy to the local consulate to help speed up the replacement process.

Driver’s License

Your driver’s license is crucial for proving your identity domestically, whether you’re checking into a hotel, picking up train or bus tickets, or renting a car. If your wallet goes missing, a virtual copy of your driver’s license can be a lifesaver. Store a legible copy of both the front and back of your license in an easily accessible virtual location. This way, if you forget your license, the front desk might accept the virtual copy to check you in.

Travel Visa

Tourist visas are required for entry into certain countries. Many nations now issue electronic visas, but it’s wise to print out multiple copies and store them in different locations like your wallet, backpack, and suitcase. For physical visas, scan the document and save it to your phone or cloud storage so you can still enter your destination if you lose the physical visa.

Credit Cards

No one wants to be stranded abroad without a way to pay for things. If you leave your wallet behind, having a virtual copy of your credit card can be very useful. Even better, add your card to a digital payment service like Apple Wallet or Google Pay before your trip. This allows you to pay without physically swiping the card or, in a pinch, read out your card’s number to a cashier or hotel front desk.

Medical Prescriptions

Losing critical medical information while traveling can lead to serious health issues. Bring virtual copies of any necessary medical prescriptions with you. If you lose your medication, showing a copy of your prescription to a local doctor can help you get a replacement more easily.

Proof of Insurance

Unexpected complications can arise during your vacation. Having copies of your health and travel insurance plans can make those situations less stressful. Insurance plans can be lengthy, so keep a digital copy in the cloud rather than carrying a printed version.


Most tickets are issued electronically, making them easy to find in your email or on your phone. However, some situations still require paper tickets. Always have copies of those tickets just in case you misplace them. You can show the copies to a customer service attendant along with your ID to get a replacement ticket without much hassle.

By making virtual copies of these essential travel documents, you can ensure that you’re prepared for any situation and can enjoy your trip with peace of mind. Safe travels!

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